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Most Popular Wedding Cake Ideas ** Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas 2021!

Are you looking for some wedding cake ideas for this year? It is not easy to find fresh new ideas regarding wedding cake decorations, wedding cake toppers, and wedding favor, but these trends might help you get started. Themed wedding receptions are popular choices for weddings today.

More couples are choosing themed weddings to reflect their styles. While traditional white wedding cakes remain a popular choice for many, cake decorating has gone way beyond conventional ideas.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Inspiring Wedding Cake Ideas

Older brides and grooms will enjoy fondant wedding cake toppers with vintage lace ribbons and bows. Classic wedding cake toppers are usually beautifully shaped in an edible wreath of frosting or buttercream frosting. White wedding cake toppers were also trendy, both for their selection of icing color and as the option of fruit.

For the more traditional bride and groom, French toppers or other themed wedding cake toppers could be a great addition to your reception tables. Toppers today often include flowers, leaves, and hearts and may also have some small birds or animals. It is easy to find the perfect one for your special day with so many to choose from.

Wedding Cake Ideas 2021

Other modern wedding cakes have a very abstract look to them. These are a bit, unlike traditional cake toppers, but no less attractive. Some of these modern cake ideas are a little tacky, while others are very subtle. A recent option that is becoming quite popular is a bride and groom figurine on each cake tier. These figurines generally feature a particular aspect of the bride or groom, and although they do not precisely match them, they are still an excellent addition.

As you can see, there are plenty of trends to keep in mind when it comes to wedding cake ideas. There are so many new bakery companies opening up because of the growing need for these specialty items. It will be a good idea to consult a baker if you have some specific wishes or trends in mind.

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