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Small Wedding: These Small Wedding Ideas Work for COVID!

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The concept of small weddings gained more importance due to Corona and has now become a trend. A small, noble wedding celebration with the closest relatives or even just for two, which the bridal couple can design according to their ideas and where you don’t have to do without anything. The best part is that you have a lot more leeway when it comes to the location. Because even if the current restrictions are eased, this will not mean that the Covid-19 threat is completely over. Therefore, after the restrictions are lifted in your wedding, it will be necessary to take precautions for a while for both your own health and the health of your loved ones.

A small wedding with a few favorite companions or an elopement wedding for two is incredibly emotional and relaxed. Not only is there a lot less to organize, but the celebration itself is also much more intimate. If this corresponds exactly to your idea of ​​a romantic YES word and you do not have the feeling of missing something, you should fix the decision for yourself and communicate it to your loved ones. Once this has been decided, it is never too early to get outfits, rings, and decorative details. So you are flexible also when it comes to choosing an appointment, which makes planning in Corona times that much easier. With your favorite service providers, you may be able to get married spontaneously on the weekend or during the week.

Small Wedding

Dared to do the same and repeated their wedding as a small Wedding as part of a confirmation ceremony. The wedding took place in a magical location in the forest, which can only be reached via a hiking trail.

The puristic wedding setting with carpet, vintage chairs, candles, golden elements, dried flowers, and the view of the impressive monastery rock hermitage ensured a trendy color combination of orange, cream, and brown tones.

Confirmation ceremony

One of the issues that exhausted couples at large weddings was trying to meet the expectations of 300-400 people they did not know much on wedding days. A large group of guests, consisting of people you are not sincere with, increases the pressure on you on your wedding day. You are trying to make sure that 400 people leave your wedding happily.

At a reaffirmation ceremony, also known as a marriage renewal promise, you can express your feelings for one another again in an extraordinary moment. Perhaps you were missing something at your wedding, or there is something you regret. Perhaps you regret not having taken the heart for a personal promise, or you generally want to say something else? Would you like to wear your dress again, or have you experienced something very intense together since then? Would you like to look completely different or get married completely different? For example, this time just for two in a particularly magical place like a forest clearing at sunrise?

All of this is possible, and you can celebrate your love again on a special date or anniversary, with or without guests.

When planning a small wedding, or a restricted one, don’t forget the photos. Don’t think of taking a wedding photo as just taking an outside shot. Photos that describe the whole wedding day become much more valuable for you, especially in the long run.

The memories of the couples who get married in this period will be different from everyone else. It would be best if you had photographs that describe those various emotions that you cannot experience any other day, adding the extraordinary circumstances of the time we are in.

Even if Ina and Bernd already had a wonderful wedding, they wanted to give it all more space and celebrate their bond again. Besides, Ina didn’t feel quite like herself with her styling at the time, and so she had the chance to change that. She styled herself and chose an outfit that made her feel super comfortable: a white flowing dress made of lace and comfy brown boots. The groom wore a purist and casual white linen trousers and a white linen shirt, and brown boots.

Were speechless and overwhelmed. The ceremony turned out to be emotional, funny and the two had heard things about themselves and their love for which there was previously no room or no words in their relationship. They were delighted and touched. They vowed eternal deep love, made personal promises, celebrated the handfasting ritual, and signed their marriage certificate. Of course, they sealed all of this with lots of kisses.

Sweet table and dried flowers

Even with a small wedding, the sweet table is a wonderful highlight after the wedding. There was a two-tier semi-naked cake with a coconut-lemon filling, dried flowers, and golden elements. Small cupcakes with chiffon vanilla and golden dust, round biscuits with a golden inscription, and wonderful, delicious macarons were served on a tray. The whole thing was draped on a white vintage table, decorated with candles and beautiful, hand-painted stationery. Puristic and expressive.

The dried flowers in the bridal bouquet, badge, and cake decoration consisted of

  • Protea
  • Lunaria
  • Cotton flowers
  • bleached rocks
  • different types of grass
  • eucalyptus
  • Oriondisteln
  • white statice
  • Curly Gras


The advantages of small and intimate weddings are even more prominent during the epidemic. Even after the Covid-19 epidemic has weakened, small weddings are likely to remain popular.

I hope the conditions will improve soon, and you can have your wedding together with your loved ones, just as you wish, and most importantly, healthily and safely.

Small Wedding 2021 - Covid-19 Wedding Advice


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