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Green Wedding Theme Ideas ** 2021 New Nature Lovers Wedding Theme!

Green Wedding Theme, we have prepared for you a fantastic wedding theme with green wedding playing the leading role for nature-friendly couples.

Today, concepts that reflect couples in the best way are used in weddings. I do not think it is necessary to work with organization companies or spend a lot of money on this. Just try to get small details in line with the theme of your choice;) First, we chose green. We will continue to examine different colors and concepts and give ideas in our next articles.

The color of nature is green, a color that suits especially weddings. The color green has been on the rise recently as bohemian garden weddings have also become popular. If you can not decide which color to use in the wedding theme, you can give the green grater a chance. Would you like to take a look at the wonderful wedding decoration examples made with the green color that gives completely different styles with different shades? Here are the green wedding theme suggestions we have compiled for you!

Green Wedding Theme - Wedding Decorations

Green Wedding Theme 2021 Ideas

First of all, you are lucky if you decide to have a green wedding. Because it does not matter in summer, winter, spring, you can easily use red in indoor or outdoor decorations in all seasons.

Green flowers that meet with green at country weddings both cheer up your guests and reflect your personal tastes to the wedding venue. Green roses that look extremely stylish and magnificent can be used in indoor halls.

When applying your theme, decoration of the space is essential. If the wedding is to be held outdoors, you can decorate the bride’s path with green rose petals. The most beautiful for a wedding in the ballroom; there will be balls made of small rosebuds, table decorations, and chair dressings.

A Green Wedding Decoration

Let’s get to how the bride will use green on herself. We match the white wedding dress and the red hand bouquet very well. When choosing the hand bouquet, which will be your most striking accessory in photos, you can choose red-white mixed or just red roses. You can also make a collar flower compatible with your hand bouquet for the groom.

Now some brides prefer to wear colorful shoes under the wedding dress. If you are also a brave bride-to-be, definitely choose green shoes that match your theme. You can choose ruby ​​necklaces and earrings with the magical color of love in the jewelry you will use on the wedding day.

Invitations do not have to be a white card and envelope combination as before. You can easily find green invitations and wedding candies easily and support your theme. If you are going to have a countryside wedding, offering the guests apple candy instead of wedding candy may be a different alternative.

Cakes… The most delicious and even the most glorious moment of the night. Would it be okay to have green flowers placed gently on your white cake? We think the result will be perfect 🙂
Tell your photographer that you think of such a theme during the photoshoot and shoot with green accessories.

If you are thinking of renting a classic car, you are lucky, and you can easily find a green one.

In the last stage; You can ask your close friends to wear green that day. Thus, photos can look more colorful and your theme more attention-grabbing.
If you are a couple who loves green, you can reveal your style with these small details while planning your wedding. We are sure that your guests who will witness your love will also like it;)

Green Wedding Theme

Green Wedding Theme Images

Green Wedding Theme Advice & Pictures

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